We have been around a while, so we see challenges differently.

Culture Lovers

Discover, experience, and consume the tangible and intangible cultural attractions of a destination. Learn about the spiritual and emotional features of a society that encompasses arts and architecture, historical and cultural heritage, culinary heritage, literature, music, value systems, beliefs, and traditions.

Adventure Seekers

Don’t just walk to discover – hike, climb, cycle, kayak and even paraglide. We have a whole specialized sector for thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies, featuring the best outdoor experiences, country-by-country, across the Balkan – making it the ultimate introduction to an exciting new world of adventure.

Winter Souls

Winter vacations promise a well-needed escape, whether it’s from a holiday-hectic December, a bitter January, or a drab February. There something about the season that awakens a person’s wanderlust, driving countless people north for the wintery ski slopes or for the sunny skies on the coasts. Whether you are looking for the winter wonderland escape, a snowy retreat to the slopes, a sweater-weather jaunt to along the Dalmatian Coast, or a week exploring the highlights of the big cities, we can help find the best deals and most engaging destinations for everyone with the winter travel itch.


Is our Specialized Department that handles essentially all requests that fall under M.I.C.E., creating tailor-made programs that specifically match the requirements of each audience and budget.

Independent Sorts

If you like to travel your way - we’re experts at making independent arrangements. Our custom vacation options are endless. Tell us a little about you and your perforations and we’ll fine tune your vacation to make it your own.

Leisure Travelers

Looking to take a break from your busy daily schedule and obligations? We are experts at finding the prefect destination for you to relax. Wheatear you prefer to drink your cocktail on a sunny lakeside, sandy beach, or at sunset in a complex up in the mountains with a view, we promise you to return you to your everyday life rejuvenated and refreshed.