Until not so long ago, this country was called the North Korea of Europe and was closed to foreigners. Nowadays, Albania amazes and attracts more and more guests from all over the world! Not for nothing this fast-developing country is put in the spotlights lately. Located next to the Adriatic coast, this country breeds astonishing views, untouched mountains and countless cultural and historical remains. Don’t wait to long to start your journey towards this incredible country!

While traveling to the capital Tirana, you will be blown away of the various sights all located in heart of the city center, such as the Et’hem Bey Mosque, the town hall and the National Historical Museum. Sparkle around the Skanderbeg square and enjoy the cozy cafes, restaurants, shops and experience how this place brightens up thanks to the street artist.

Travel back to time and unravel historical cities which are spread out like a patchwork all over the country. Whether talking about Shkodra in the north or Gjirokaster in the south they will both feel like a time machine where you will be brought back to the antiquity or Middle Ages.

Try the local olive oil or oranges which are made in the south. While afterwards visiting one of the relaxing and astonishing beaches of Saranda, Vlorë or checking out the archeological sites of Butrint. Or hike in the beautiful mountain of Teth, where you can experience all sort of activities.

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