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A customer-centric organization creating, managing and executing diversity of programs through the Balkan countries.
Our mission is to be specialized intermediary for tour operators only. We provide sustained quality in our products e.g. culture tours, walking tours, adventure tours etc.


The Story Behind KTM VoyageBy The Creator Himself

My entire life, I worked and lived outside of my home town and county. That was my primary motivation, along with my nostalgia, to start making tourist trips in which I will showcase all nature’s beauties and historical and cultural inheritance of my people.

When I started with tourism, I never thought that this would become a serious business that was not my motive. My motive was the love for my homeland, nostalgia, and desire to showcase the historical and cultural inheritance of Balkan to other countries.

Before my 18th year, I began with my first trips, which were intended for small groups of people interested in historical-cultural worldviews. That was more in the form of a hobby. Still, with my historical background, engagement, and complete dedication to my programs, I succeed in achieving a large number of passengers who were interested in Balkan countries.

This form self-developed into B2B, with preparation, training, and developing programs for larger tour operators who already had their tradition in that direction, and with whom we started to create various types of trips for more Balkan countries.

Apart from historical and cultural tours, we slowly developed and started doing themed experiences with a religious background and trips for people who were interested in the historic arts. When we noticed the demand and interests of an activist, we started working and developing a multi-active sector that provided hiking adventures, canyoning/ rafting experiences, cycling tours, and many more.

This kind of transition lasted for couple of years while the interest in traveling and the demand for themed programs started to rise rapidly. That was the time when we decided to open our new office based in Macedonia, hired a bigger team that could now take care of the demand and our products while nurturing the idea that we need to introduce the world to what this small piece of land has to offer.

This requires not just office work and dedicated backstage workers, but quality and trained guides who need to realize the idea behind products and turn them into reality. With this approach, we brought us to the most significant tour operating companies in the world, in which we developed substantial and long-term cooperation and relationship based on quality and trust.

Our travel agency isn’t just an ordinary travel company. Still, it has become an ideal and the first example in our county how tourism needs to function on a long life stage, which brings sustainability in both the rural and big cities.
Not only did we manage to achieve our goal of becoming a lead agency in the travel industry, but we managed to find a way to help locals, and our partners earn way more than they ever thought that would be able to.

Our agency still has unachieved goals which in the future we want to achieve, like having more travelers from various countries and creating different types of innovative trips with which we will expand our offer, therefore solving the demand of the modern tourist.

Meet our team.

The experts in the office, creating and taking care of your trip.


Vasko Kocirov


Vasko is an enthusiast, with a positive mind set, simply said a person who loves his job. He will blow you away with a story, and get you excited and interested about almost anything effortlessly. His dream vacation is a round trip to California. You can find him practicing his advanced chef skills and putting together specialties in the kitchen.
Jasminka Kocirova

General Manager

Jasminka is a symbol of stability, professionalism, with a warm and open heart. She brings sophistication to everything she touches. Organized and strategic, leading with an extraordinary example. Her dream trip is a tour through French Polynesia. You can find her chasing sunsets and pretty views behind the camera.

Product Management

Irena T. Novkov

Global Product Manager

Irena is a master of keeping it professional and clean yet fun and interesting. She has the ability to effortlessly drive your focus to help you find a positive approach to each situation. A dedicated worker with a creative mind. Her dream trip is island hopping in the Philippines. You can find here on the hunt for the best wine which has to be paired with food and pretty view.
Emi Petrevska

Product Manager

Emi is unquestionably the most active, daring and bubbly one among us. She has the power to absorb the world in and proceed with composure. She is very creative, and shows agility in her action oriented work approach. Her dream trip is to explore Central and South America, with a must check in on all the exotic beaches along the way. You can always find her rollerblading her way to the gym.
Julija J. Marinov

Product Manager

Julija has a reputation of the one with the most vivid imagination. She is always prepared to back up anything that pops into your mind with cool facts and long details like a walking encyclopedia. She is very cautious in her work making sure that everything is done by the rules and she always manages to keep a good relationship with everyone. Her dream trip is to wander around South America for as long as possible. You can find her eating healthy junk food if she isn’t chasing puppies to cuddle.


Celik Asim

Operations Manager

Celik is definitely the bravest person in our office, and he will always make you feel safe and at peace. You can always count on him to get the job done in the perfect manner. Finding solutions is probably this best asset, but after shooting 3 pointers in the court J. His dream trip is a direct flight to California with a ticket to the NBA Finals to watch the Lakers live! You can find him schooling street basketball or working out in the gym.
Jovan Gogoski


Jovan is the most caring, hardworking and optimistic person you will ever come across. He will take over the whole world with an easygoing and calm attitude. Always precise, punctual and detailed oriented in everything he does. His dream trip is on a small island somewhere in the middle of the ocean, where he will probably will have several sea food degustation. You can always find him making sure everyone is happy and fed.
Olga Gogova


Olga is known for her optimistic, persistent, hardworking attitude. She will handle every situation to the smallest detail, bringing perfection to a new level. Her dream trip is along the coast of the sea cost enjoying a coffee at a local hotspot. You can always find her with coffee in her hands.


Aleksandar Nikoloski

Finance Manager

Aleksandar can be simply defined as our office hero. The love he has for his job makes tackling each assignment professionally look easy. He is very thorough and trustworthy. His dream trip is to go to Hawaii where he will stay nor more or less than 3 months. You can find him doing business in the bank, if he isn't reading a good book.

Traveling – It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

Traveling – It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.