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Welcome to KTM Voyage, your premier partner in crafting unforgettable business-to-business excursions across the stunning Balkan region. At KTM Voyage, we pride ourselves on curating bespoke travel experiences that blend adventure, culture, and discovery, tailored specifically for businesses looking to inspire and reward their clients, employees, or partners.

Nestled at the crossroads of Europe and the Orient, the Balkans offer a captivating tapestry of history, landscapes, and vibrant cultures waiting to be explored. From the rugged peaks of the Dinaric Alps to the azure waters of the Adriatic Sea, and from the ancient fortresses of Serbia to the Ottoman treasures of Bosnia and Herzegovina, each corner of the Balkans beckons with its own unique charm and allure.
At KTM Voyage, we understand that every business seeks to create meaningful connections and unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re planning a team-building retreat, a corporate incentive trip, or a specialized educational tour, our dedicated team of travel experts is committed to designing meticulously crafted itineraries that align with your business objectives and exceed your expectations.
What sets KTM Voyage apart is our deep-rooted passion for the Balkans and our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in every aspect of your journey. We collaborate closely with local partners and communities to provide authentic and immersive experiences that showcase the region’s rich heritage, culinary delights, and natural wonders.

Our range of services extends beyond traditional tour operations. We offer comprehensive destination management solutions, including logistics planning, accommodation arrangements, transportation services, and expert local guides fluent in multiple languages. Whether your group size is intimate or expansive, we ensure seamless execution and personalized attention to detail at every stage of your journey.
Partnering with KTM Voyage means gaining access to a wealth of expertise and insider knowledge accumulated through years of experience in the Balkan travel industry. We pride ourselves on our ability to anticipate and cater to your unique needs, whether it’s arranging exclusive access to cultural sites, organizing team-building activities in breathtaking settings, or facilitating meetings with local entrepreneurs and influencers.

At KTM Voyage, we believe that every journey should leave a lasting impression. We go above and beyond to create transformative travel experiences that foster camaraderie, inspire creativity, and strengthen relationships within your business community. Our goal is not only to meet but to exceed your expectations, ensuring that each excursion with KTM Voyage becomes a cherished memory for your clients or team members.

Join us on a journey of discovery and exploration across the Balkans with KTM Voyage. Let us be your trusted partner in unlocking the region’s hidden gems and creating extraordinary travel experiences that elevate your business and leave a lasting legacy.

Contact KTM Voyage today to begin planning your next unforgettable excursion in the Balkans. Together, we’ll embark on a journey of discovery and inspiration.

KTM Family

Vasko Kocirov
Founder & CEO

Celik Asim
Operational Manager

Trajce Kocirov
Innovation & Product Manager

Perco Stojanoski
Finance & H.R.

Petar Gjorsevski
H.R. & Finance

Zlatko Mileski
Rent-a-car, Operative

Gligor Veljanoski
Subsidy & subvention

Emina Limanoska
Subsidy, Subvention & Product

Irena Tolevska

Olgica Tunteva
Product & operation

Jasmina Choroska

Olga Gogova

Jovan Gogoski