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We are destination management company specialized in incoming travel services in Balkan.

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KTM Voyage as part of Karatanova Tours, started in 2003 as a tour operator for specialized Balkan Trips inspired by the needs of the customer and the knowledge and passion about the culture, local history, and the splendid nature of the Balkan countries.

Our ethos is to create and execute tailor-made programs with outstanding quality, yet for affordable prices. Proud of our innovative spirit we all here in KTM Voyage invest in modern tourism technology and intend to enhance our image as a modern progressive company.

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“Life is about creating & living experiences that are worth sharing.”

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Note: All products are tailor-made and can be organized for individuals, singles, families and groups depend on the customer needs.

Culture Tours

If you love engaging in our region's culture, the lifestyle of our people, our history, art, architecture, religion, and other elements that helped shape the way life – our culture tours are the perfect match for you!

Active Tours

Active tours provide a special way to spend your vacations. Our philosophy combines adventure, ecotourism and cultural aspects of a discovery tour.

Adventure Tours

Our adventure tours are a special combination of exploration or travel with a certain degree of excitement and pleasure. If you are an adrenaline junkie, and unique experiences are your thing- this segment of travel is your new obsessions.

Theme Experience

A themed tour is a trip that contains various stops throughout the route that follow a specific topic by the consumers' choice. Tell us a little bit about the traveler and we can “theme” an experience that is tailored truly for them.

Luxury Tours

Luxury refers to all that can be obtained that is differentiated, unique and exclusive. KTM Luxury takes the premium shape of experience to an extent where we put the emphasis on value, which we measure through the experience of the consumer.


Is our Specialized Department that handles essentially all requests that fall under M.I.C.E., creating tailor-made programmed that specifically match the requirements of each audience and budget?

Weekend Programs

Sometimes you just need a short getaway. We are aware and we have you covered! Whether it’s a trip to a big city you want to explore or a quiet relaxing hut in the mountains, pack lightly and let us take care of the rest!


Our wide pallet of excursions accommodates everyone’s taste. Weather is a one-day peak short peak, a deep dive experience of a certain place/ activity, or anything in between we have you covered!

Serve The World

We are experts in every destination we offer and we will put our heart and soul into creating unique, no-quibbles guarantee to give you a complete peace of mind while on holiday, providing an unforgettable experience for you.

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