12-day adventure in 3 countries full of picturesque nature with deep blue sea, green and High Mountain picks, wild rivers, rich history and good food. Explore the hidden gems of the Balkans

Program overview:
Day 1 – Thessaloniki Arrival
Arrival in Thessaloniki and transfer to accommodation . Check into Hotel. In the late evenings hour’s optional activity – Pub Crawling

Day 2 – Food Tour in Thessaloniki
On the second day we have the explore Thessaloniki “tasty exploration”, designed to tackle your foodie mind. Walk the city streets where each corner hides a story, visit non-touristic venues and experience the Greek everyday life. Listen to interesting facts and discover meaningful stories that shaped the local culture and cuisine. The city was founded around 315 BC by King Cassander of Macedon, on or near the site of the ancient town of Therma and twenty-six other local villages. King Cassander of Macedon named the new city after his wife Thessalonike, a half-sister of Alexander the Great.

Day 3- Rafting in Grevena

Today is booked for Rafting on the Aliakmonas River. After breakfast we head out to Grevena for Rafting. Rafting the rapids of Aliakmonas river is a special experience for both fun-loving adventurers, as well as for families with children. The Aliakmonas’ name comes from the mixing of two words, als (salt, sea) and the name akmon (anvil). According to Greek Mythology, Aliakmon was one of the river gods, son of the Ocean and Tethys. Optional Zip Line. Overnight in Grevena.

Day 4 – Trip to Meteora
Today is reserved for Meteora. After breakfast the group heads to breathtaking. Meteora is, by any measure, a captivating area, combining magnificent scenery of vast towers of heavily eroded sandstone with the mystique of a long history of Christian significance. Optional: Reppeling.
Transfer to Monodendri. Overnight in Monodendri.

Day 5 – Hiking on Vikos Gorge
Today the group will spend the day hiking inside the world’s deepest canyon. The Vikos gorge, with a northwest-southeast direction, has been carved over millions of years by the Voidomatis River, a tributary of the Aoos. The Voidomatis is mostly seasonal, with year-round flow occurring only in the lower part of the gorge (see our proposed Voidomatis rafting activity too). As the Vikos Gorge is a deep cross section, its slopes expose a series of rocks of different age. After hike the group heads to Saranda. Overnight in Saranda.

Day 6 – Rock Climbing on the Gjipe Canyon
After breakfast we head out to Gjipe Beach for organized Rock Clibing on the Canyon.
Canyon and Bay of Gjipea Rock Climbing, will be passed in the sector “Mare”, a sector with 9 routes, which are not more than 3 m away from the sea waves. The height of these routes is from 8 to 18 m. Gjipe offers adventure with solace. It is removed from the world allowing you to enjoy nature and tranquility along with great adventure. You will definitely have an unforgettable climbing experience. Departure to Vlore and overnight in Vlore.

Day 7 – Free day
Free day in Vlore

Day 8 – Ohrid City Tour and Sunset Sailing
Breakfast in Vlore. Early departure to Ohrid. Obce we arrive organized Ohrid City Tour Tour, we are closing the day with Sunset Sailing and wine. Accommodate in Hotel Tino.

Day 9 – Cooking Class and Beach Day
Today we get introduced to Macedonian Cousin. We will have prepared few Macedonian dishes and in same time we are preparing our lunch. Free afternoon in private beach.

Day 10 – Canyoning in Mariovo
Mariovo is a historic region in the southern part of North Macedonia, situated between the mountains Selečka on the west, Nidže and Kožuf on the south, Kozjak on the east and Dren mountain on the north. In the afternoon the group goes Canyoning. After coming back to the Camp they will have free time for relaxing, and have a BBQ. Overnight in Hotel Sator.

Day 11 – Downhill Hiking Treskavec & Wine Tasting in Popova Kula
After breakfast the group departs to Treskavec Monastrey, located on the top of the mountain, from there we have downhill hiking. Afterwards we are continuing to Popova Kula in Demir Kapija for a Wine Tasting. This winery has over 20 different types of wine from 11 varieties of grape. Typical wine tasting includes 5 different types of wine with the adequate cheese, prosciutto and sweets, while gastronomic wine tasting includes 5 different types of wine with adequate meal. Overnight in Popova Kula.

Day 12 – Departure to Amsterdam
Transfer to Thessaloniki Airport and departure to Amsterdam.